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First lines: He swallowed the last of his Christmas spirits and dropped the bottle down the chimney. “That fucker better show up soon.” 300 words. Due 12/23/14

Happy Holidays From The Sandersons
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Happy Holidays From The Sandersons by

“It was not an option for my husband to go without a sexual companion.”
In retrospect, I suppose that was an unconventional start to our family’s holiday letter, but that’s what happens when one dictates it to the typist after a nice Shiraz.

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On the evening of November 16, 2014, Revolver launched The Book Marks, an investigation into the power of the storyteller. The first iteration of this project was a Book Cover Design Contest—with a twist.

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What happened next is permanently recorded in the annals of Stupid. And Epic. And monks laughing before their next strike—far, far beyond the Two Eternal Gates of Idiot Mountain… Cindy and I carried the pot down to the kitchen as I hatched my scheme.

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and he tossed / his leash made of stars, then tightened it, // around the antlers it seems I forget, always, / about having.

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Had we known its connotations, the way a word / can rot like fruit, the outer layers growing / vulnerable and soft.