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The Book Marks #1 by

The Book Marks is a Book Cover Design Contest where the best design—as decided by the internet—gets permanently etched into a human body.

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Winner of WANTED #21 by

You can’t break up with Sam at brunch, because you’re so happy to be alive. Happy, even though you and Sam are at the hospital cafeteria, you poking at some gelatinous egg concoction, him staring at a Styrofoam cup of light roast that’s been burning since 6 am.

Bats by

Some bats are metaphorical, having metaphorical lice, symbolic rabies, and other unknown pathogens of irony—they are my preferred bat. But the bats in your area are all rather amorous.

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Triple Axel by

My husband had a penchant for the women from the ice skating clubs. Of all the things you could bet on—ponies, greyhounds, ball games—my husband had to bet on ice skating.

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Love is All Around by

Zen Arcade is a novel about zen, punk rock, and growing up in Minneapolis during the 1980s. We’ll be publishing a section every other Sunday until Summer 2015. This is the tenth section.

From the Underbook
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From the Underbook by

Ghost courses. / Sixth floor waiting room, view / from above: / rabid traffic surges round the cloverleaf—seemed / a mild intersection enough / when I drove it.