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Short //
The Reappearing Man by

Once you’re sawed in half. Once you’re turned into birds. Once you free yourself from the straitjacket through a key your assistant passed to you when she kissed you. Once you turn a cat into a lobster underwater.

The Futility of Desire Tapestry Blues by

A supple blue and dark tapestry depicting a global narrative of destruction and terror across vast landscapes of catastrophe all sown in silver thread with the utmost craft and elegance. Startled to think of it early one morning you’ll leap from your bed-chamber and down the long hallway crying “I must have it!”

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Ghost Writer //
Shark Girl by

One must be lucky to mingle with the rich and powerful and avoid their snares. I was not so lucky.
I made my first entrance to their circle as just a Shark Girl. The agency fitted me with fins and a set of false teeth. I stood by the pool with an arrangement of Black Sea sashimi and smiled politely at the party guests, most of whom kept their distance with a wary glance.