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Cal and Co. at the Factory: Excerpt from BOXCAR
Boxcar, Long //
Cal and Co. at the Factory: Excerpt from BOXCAR by

They set up their makeshift camp: dropping their duffels and bending close to the ground, collecting dead twigs by the light of the night sky. Breath tumbled from Cal’s chest in visible huffs. Above them, through the skeletal branches, even the spaces between the stars had stars in them.

Short //
2 Poems by

Stretch me over / the Inquisition rack / of ribs, tighten at / one end, my bones // pop and crack / at the other. I’m / strung out on your /syllables

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Bombs by

People don’t toast toast, / toast toasts toast. / Don’t argue the meaning of objects. / Pig / in a blanket. Noun verb / noun, noun verb noun.

Zen Arcade //
In the Big Ring by

Zen Arcade is a novel about zen, punk rock, and growing up in Minneapolis during the 1980s. We’ll be publishing a section every other Sunday until Summer 2015. This is the eighth section.

WANTED #20 by

First sentence:It was a three-uncle job.
Due Date: Wednesday, September 17th, 11:59 PM
Length: 300 words

Second Law
Short //
Second Law by

Even as it’s done, it’s more undone with subtle, wayward backness: cells decompose / to cancer, or addiction leaves behind a small slug trail. Tomorrow, the stable needs / another hosing out. You can only maintain so much before it makes you ill.

On The Lam by

Beauty and truth are waiting in California but they are not going to wait very long. Meanwhile the mystical emanations that’ll be shining from certain words’ll be shining brighter than ten thousand stars: Daimonic, Lana Del Rey, Vorstellung.