A Guide to Being a Gift Horse

Behind every friendly face is another face
that looks at your face with suspicion.
A friendly work environment requires
the existence of death. There is a school
of architecture that doesn’t believe in entrances,
only exits. Building codes vary from moment
to moment. The function of a lighthouse
is to remind us that it used to have a function.
It’s possible to show all history with one click,
then clear history with another click.
Are you sure you want to clear history?
We know that seeing requires a kind of subtraction.
The eye of an American dollar sees what’s
not there: another eye. Nor does this horse
have any legs. Because there never has been
anywhere to go. Because blue sky thinking
requires the existence of death, and by death
we mean clouds. Our product contains nothing
artificial or natural, and that’s a promise.
That’s why God made the idea of God.
And when it starts to rain, when the new promises
come down like rain to wash away the old ones,
no need to pick up where you left off.
You’re already reading another sentence
in the semi-dark. Your fantasy team will never
be better than your ability to fantasize, and when
you finally fall asleep, they will creep out of you
and let the Greek army into your home.

Front page image by Peaches&Cream.

# # #