Abby Rosenthal

Abby Rosenthal
Abby Rosenthal was born in Brooklyn, grew up in Queens and on Long Island, and lived in upstate New York, California, Oklahoma, Washington DC, and Wyoming before settling in Tennessee. Her poems and stories have appeared in literary journals such as Alaska Quarterly, Carolina Quarterly, Chicago Review, Kansas Quarterly, and most recently (or soon) in Southern Poetry Review, Weber Journal,Apple Valley Review, and She is also the author of Ardor’s Hut, a book of poetry. She and her husband, poet Thomas Johnson, currently reside in Memphis.

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Two Alternatives and an Imperative by

Danny Staves, a pale eight-year-old, sat on the curb in front of his house picking at an opened can of peanuts. He wore slightly over-sized shorts that made his stork-like legs look even thinner and his white knees knobbier. He was a pretty child with a delicate heart-shaped face, big liquid eyes, and brown hair. […]