Charles Holmes

Charles Holmes
Charles Holmes is a writer currently living outside Sioux Falls. He has recently been published in Whistling Shade. He has published two novels about Lake Okobji and has had 3 plays performed in 3 states. In 1974, he floated down the Mississippi River in an old rowboat, all the way from Minneapolis to New Orleans.

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The Flip Side of This Side of Paradise by

He had been expecting me. He’d been waiting for me. He wondered (because I was ten minutes late) if I’d had any trouble finding the house. He asked me to clean my shoes on the rug in the hall. I did as he asked, vigorously shuffling my shoes across the rough rug. He asked to see the bottom of my shoes. Slightly humiliated, but desperately in need of a place to live, I held on to the banister at the bottom of the stairs so that I could raise each shoe for his close inspection. He then asked me to wipe my shoes again.