Dorene O'Brien

Dorene O'Brien
Dorene O’Brien is a fiction writer from Detroit. She has won the Red Rock Review Mark Twain Award for Short Fiction, the New Millennium Fiction Award and the Chicago Tribune Nelson Algren Award. She also won the international Bridport Prize and is the recipient of a creative writing fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. Her short stories have appeared in the Connecticut Review, Madison Review, the Chicago Tribune, the Montreal Review, Cimarron Review, Detroit Noir and others. Voices of the Lost and Found, her first full-length short fiction collection, won the USA Best Books Award in Fiction. She is currently writing a novel featuring fossil hunters in Ethiopia. Visit her at

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I’m Warning You by

…he says it’s time the two of you sculpt your limbs into a new form of human art and you say no more poetry and he says but that’s who I am and you say can’t you do impressions and you decide the moment the words exit your mouth that if he does Elvis you will crown him with the terra cotta planter…