Eireann Lorsung

Eireann Lorsung
Éireann Lorsung is the author of Music For Landing Planes By and Her Book (forthcoming 2013), both from Milkweed. Other work appears or is forthcoming in Burnside Review, Colorado Review, DIAGRAM, Women's Studies Quarterly, The Collagist, and Bluestem. She edits 111O (111oh.com) and co-runs MIEL, a micropress (miel-books.com).

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Century Speech by

At first only the suggestion of voice. A body hiding behind a curtain. The insistence on naming and the insistence on names. Hi, It’s Mildred again. Will you ever contact me? It’s Mildred. It’s Sophia. It’s Mrs. Mary Kaiou. It’s Blessing Williams. It’s Bonaventure Kone. It’s Gomes C. Deirdre.