Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson

Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson
Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson is a journalist and author whose writing has appeared in The New York Times, Slate, Little Patuxent Review, and PANK, among others. She is a recipient of an Individual Artist Award in Fiction from the Maryland State Arts Council and her short stories have been a finalist for the Orlando Prize, the Raymond Carver Short Story Contest, and the [email protected] Fellowship. This year she was a Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Creative Fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Read more on her Website, eedickinson.com and follow her on Twitter @elizdickinson.

Works on Revolver

Love & System 1
Love & System //
Birthright by

May the dictionary grow ever fatter, she wishes, for she has learned that her grandmother loved Scrabble and knew exotic words like qat and xu. Her grandmother will need more of these words as she draws tiles for a never-ending game in eternity. Eternity, it should be noted, is not Heaven. Heaven does not exist, just as God does not exist, for if God is real, the girl’s mother explains, then He is a wicked and cruel God for infecting swimming pools with polio in the 1950s.

The Dirty Canoe
Short //
The Dirty Canoe by

Later, the police said Pete had a gun at the cash register, but they got it all wrong. There was no gun. It was a wrench. Which begs the question, I know: “You held up a whorehouse with a wrench?”