Kim Bussing

Kim Bussing
Originally from Seattle, WA, Kim Bussing is currently studying English at Georgetown University. Other short stories are published, or forthcoming, with Storyacious and Bewildering Stories. When she's not writing, she can be found reading, playing with her cats, or drinking vast amounts of coffee. Follow her on Twitter at @kimbussing.

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We Dreamed The Sea by

It was just a tickle, you know, just a scratch, the kind of thing that’s annoying to the person sitting next to you in a movie theater. It was just. Just the remnants of a cold. Just allergies. Just a symptom of going outside with wet hair. She is just fine, her mother, her father, her doctor-uncle say. Better than just fine. She is smart and pretty and going places, says her mother, her father, her teachers.