MP Johnson

MP Johnson
MP Johnson’s short stories have appeared in more than 35 publications. His debut book, "The After-Life Story of Pork Knuckles Malone," was released in 2013 by Bizarro Pulp Press. His second book, "Dungeons and Drag Queens," is due soon from Eraserhead Press. He is the creator of Freak Tension zine, a B-movie extra and an obsessive music fan currently based in Minneapolis. Learn more at

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The Songwriter’s Fingers by

I remember when the songwriter came into that little hospital, three fingers short on one hand and three extra in the palm of the other, not a tear in his eyes.
“In Japan, they can put ‘em back on, good as new, I hear,” he said hopefully.
“This is Waco,” the doctor replied. “I can sew you up, but I can’t fix you up.”