Dear snow day,

Dear snow day,

Learn transparency from your window. I came home in a drought, left
in a downpour. I neglected the garden because I was leaving, then
I left.

We watched a child hold a hazel switch in so much light—

hold it differently than anyone ever has, I feel sure (we are all sure).
And I feel the force: could not even bloom.
And what I lost then, I mourned for.

You said, I’ve always loved you in that light.
You said, come in out of that light.

All night I came in from the rain.
We sent out for what we needed. But we were very needy—

whole countries dissolved in our hands like so much sugar.

Well, this is exactly it, so much as I can say it. Elsewhere,
people went on with lives begun at different times, errant
pulse kept beating, under the
snow the bulb divides its pale skins.

Front page image by Penelope Else

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