DESK // Jesse Draxler

Jesse Draxler’s collages and word-paintings scare the shit out of us. Like Roberto Bolano scares the shit out of us. Like David Lynch. His work hits you in the back of the neck. And we love it. Unnerving. Makes us want to use the word ominous and all its synonyms too. In fact, he has a whole series of eerie monolithic collages entitled “OMINOUSNESS.” His CV of exhibitions could come in scroll form: HAUS (Minneapolis, MN), SNP Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), Plaid Studio (Los Angeles, CA), Umber Studio (MPLS, MN), Groundswell Gallery (Denver, CO), Gestalten Gallery (Berlin, Germany) and on and on.

Go to his site to see how he disfigured pics of Kristin Stewart.

Holes 2


Floating in Space 2




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