What Your Drone Has In Store

Your drone will ask to borrow $40 dollars. It’s okay this time but don’t let it become a habit. Every target acquires its own mythos. In this way the silent harpoon arcs to the whale. Remember that unicorns can only be lured in the open by a young blushing virgin. Targets engaged are ignorant as lard: they do not have the ears to hear. Targets destroyed often provide a rich sense of disappointment; you’ll feel that’s not what you meant at all. But the terror and the light, the immense speed, the image alone of your drone is solace. Because the angel of history faces backwards it is possible to vector ordnance to your own great-grandchildren; leave them a note to warn them of the impending airstrike. Some drones can remain air-born indefinitely, you need never see nor hear them, but there they are. Some drones can only be believed in.

# # #