EXPERIMENT #2: Etherized Upon A Table

REVOLVER AT THE RITZ: 12 EXPERIMENTS is an event that explores the intersection of words and risk and is happening at the Ritz Theater in Northeast Minneapolis on January 18th, 2014. The below is a description of one of the twelve experiments.


Experiment 2

Poetry is hard. That’s why we asked some science writers to explain it to us.

In “Etherized Upon A Table,” we’re interested in short-circuiting science and poetry. What can science people see in poetry that the rest of us can’t?

We will be hosting a panel discussion on a Lightsey Darst poem with MAGGIE KOERTH-BAKER, a science columnist for The New York Times Magazine, MAGGIE RYAN SANDFORD, a science journalist with a great column at the WALKER BLOG, and DENNIS CASS, New York Times Magazine and Harper’s contributor, and author of HEAD CASE: How I Almost Lost My Mind Trying to Understand My Brain.

Poetry, we’ve heard, helps us see the world in a new light. Maybe these science-y people will help us see poetry anew.






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