Group A

Ah yes, the old whole double agent squared ruse… We’ve heard it before, Jensen. We won’t be fooled.

Group B knows too many secrets, too many things only you could have told them. Their project is nearly complete.

We’ve known you a long time, and we didn’t want it to be like this, Jensen. We wanted to trust you.

We welcomed you into Group A when Mr. Goldstein assigned you there. We didn’t object. We didn’t ask for a different partner, even though your computational skills are lacking.

And how did you reward us? You fed Group B our propulsions secrets. We saw you, hanging out with them behind the 7/11 when you said you didn’t have time to come over.

Then, the next day, there was Group B, with a new idea for a kitty litter and powdered sugar-powered rocket.

Sounds familiar, Jensen. Too familiar.

We won’t lose. Group A is Group A for a reason.

We’re going to be winners. We wanted to win with you. We wanted your mom to throw us a victory party in your backyard pool with those good snacks that she makes.

You could have basked in the glory with us—your neck heavy with the weight of the Greater Menlo County Science Fair First Place medal—but that was before.

Now, there will be consequences.

Can you smell that, Jensen?

Just something small we cooked up for you. Something you wouldn’t even be able to pronounce.

This is what happens, Jensen, when you cross Group A.

# # #