In This Room

Whether I’m home or out the door unlocked
bolted or slightly ajar means please
read and respect the invisible do-not-
disturb sign as disturbances-in-session
Johnny Depp as Derrida deconstructing
my mousehole into a 5th Avenue upside-
down penthouse Anais moaning by
the volumes James Dean on my bed
eating words sixty some years ago
in the corner Gregor Samsa munching on
a crumb from the Samosa family Teddy
Roosevelt and Chekhov coughing up
a ninth lung to Sarah Vaughn on the night
stand be-bopping through nine octaves
in a record minute Anita appears in
the kitchen swinging to Cole Porter’s Night
& Day
background humming by Glenn
or Gould or both performing Bach’s
requiem in front of the bathroom mirror
soaking their hands in hot water don’t
be alarmed this room is used to seeing
things go from white noise to Dostoevsky
playing a board game of Life with Heavenly
Barbie to Ken and Ashbery debating
over actual meaning of languor and if
you smell something burning walk away
from the fire it’s just me making more
ashes for the day.

Front page image by ASurroca.

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R. Zamora Linmark

About the Author

R. Zamora Linmark's most recent books are Leche, a novel from Coffee House Press, and Drive-By Vigils, a poetry collection from Hanging Loose Press. He divides his writing life between Honolulu and Manila. "In This Room" is from his fourth book of poems tentatively titled Et Al. He is honored to be published by Revolver.
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