Main Street Christmas Lights

Main Street Christmas lights take me home
A home without you
What happens next is what I want to know

My heart is a hole that breathes black
Above those clouds, stars are falling
The lights on the water spell your name

At home I turn the radio up loud to stop the thoughts
I dance and inhabit my body like Iggy Pop
Pump my fists
I am someone apart from you

There’s a fist in my body
Like a lime, round and cool
You’re the only one I hate
What does it mean that I’m addicted to you?

My hole breathes the night
My mouth is a fist too
Lips tight and twitching

What’s next is not what it’s cracked up to be

Hair smelling like a Douglas fir
Self fissured like bark
Can I be a single whole?

Front page image by Henrik Thorn.

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Lisa Fink

About the Author

Lisa Fink is a poet, translator, teacher and naturalist. Her poetry chapbook Her Disco was published by dancing girl press in early 2013. Other poems and reviews have been published in magazines like [PANK], Ecotone, Rain Taxi and Forklift, Ohio. A Fulbright alum, she lives and writes in Portland, OR.
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