Mixtape #1: Love & System

Editor’s Note on Mixtape #1: Love & System


To investigate the symbolic systems that surround Love, the calcified expectations and traditions and dialectics that were established long before we all arrive here.

Plato’s Symposium.

Why Plato?
Because the foundation came from Plato. If you read Symposium, you’ll still hear our current notions of Love shining through.

“…the happiness of the whole human race, women no less than men, is to be found in the consummation of our love, and in the healing of our dissevered nature by find each his proper mate” (193c);
“Love was born to be the enemy of age” (195b);
“We are every one of us a poet when we are in love” (196e);
“To love is to bring forth upon the beautiful, both in body and in soul” (206b);
“Love is a longing for immortality” (207a); and so on.

How does Symposium relate to the work in “Love & System”?
The seven pieces in “Love & System” shows signs—in the opinion of the Editor—that they are in dialogue with some of Love’s deep structures, which (one could argue) derive from the seven meditations in Plato’s Symposium.

Where could one read Symposium?
The whole thing is here or read the cliff notes on Wikipedia.

Where do the amazing images come from?
The images that accompany the work were created by Jana Anderson, an artist from South Dakota. Revolver asked her to create seven works that respond to the seven speeches in Symposium. Check out more of her fantastic work.


Love & System

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