A Moveable Corpse #1

There’s a surrealist parlor game called “Exquisite Corpse”: each person writes a sentence only able to see the line immediately preceding it. In partnership with MN Original and NE Art Attack on November 8, 2014, Revolver’s created “A Moveable Corpse,” a Traveling Exquisite Corpse Detective Story Game, which uses two typewriter, two wheelbarrows, and a lot of paper. This is Result #1.


Detective Cud Wilson took a flask out of the corpse’s back pocket, unscrewed it and toasted the dead. He passed it to his new partner who rolled her eyes and bagged the evidence. “Christ the things these artists do with paintbrushes,” he said.

He then ate pie which lead him to realize that the pie was made out of the corpse’s blood and guts. He vomited.

Then he rented out all the horror movies from RedBox to build his plot for his next disgusting performance.

It was truly horrifying. No doubt about it.

The blood soaked knife.

He ate more pie which was made out of a second corpse and the knife vomited.

ENDLESS hallways were strolled in search of the perfect bathroom painting.

There was a train.

Yet everything appeared to have been purchased at TJ Maxx.

In the pocket of the fur coat she found a plastic bag with a gram of baking soda or coke. She dipped her pinky finger in the bag and put it in her mouth. Definitely blow. Time to find a customer.

She walked to the end of the block to where the children liked to gather and slipped the baggie out of her pocket.

The pearls from her mothers necklace felt smooth and sensual in her hand, the memory of the night her mother left for good as the necklace came apart as she grasped at her neck, “Don’t leave!”

But she was gone. Now our protagonist was left motherless and necklaceless. Damn, she thought. What now?

And with that the last of her hope was gone. And with her hope went her fear. A new beginning.

NOW AS TIME PASSED A NEW ADVENTURE PRESENTED itself in the form of an exotic escape to Zimbabwe.

And that’s how Detective Cud Wilson solved the case.

# # #