Murder Suite

Maggie: Portrait as Headline
(The murder of a bus driver age 25)


Parked in lover’s lane at the end of my shift,
I never suspected.

This day gathering with colleagues at Lee’s Liquor Bar
still stands in memory.

On the road, my husband didn’t know
this, my last night out.

Our bungalow always open
told no secrets.

Instead, I was there on the front steps, in the morning’s
paper—waiting for him, as always.



Self-Portrait: Victim as Matchstick
(What I know of myself)


The smell of sulfur,
the raw cut of a blade.

My bark, once sharp-edged
peeling from my timber.

That intense risk
to feel drowned deep

before the guillotine cuts.

My head
kiln-fed and warmed.

Born of molten wax,
a laden red cap,

combustible, pasted,
and packaged.

In his car—our bodies
an induced friction

waiting to ignite my flame.

Front page image by Wikipedia.

# # #