For Nancy Matte Who Should Be Remembered

Now on the kitchen table
the book lies flat without help from its reader’s hands.
The dishes in the sink sit hard and resolute.
In another room, there is a feather bed
and one red leather chair.
Above that chair,
which is worn and depressed from the relentlessness of a body
given over and given into disease,
there is a dome of light.
Inside that glass dome, dusty wings of gypsy moths
gather in a brown bouquet.
This is where lost thoughts like to land.
I swear I heard you say this
just the other day.

Front page image by Florin Rosoga.

# # #
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Lois Roma-Deeley

About the Author

Lois Roma-Deeley is the author of three collections of poetry: Rules of Hunger (2004), northSight (2006) and High Notes (2010), which was chosen as a Paterson Poetry Prize Finalist. She has been published in twelve national anthologies, most recently in Villanelles (Everyman's Library, Pocket Poets Series). Her poetry has been featured in numerous literary journals nationwide and in Canada. She teaches creative writing in Phoenix, Arizona.
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