Revolver at the Ritz: 12 Experiments

We’ve made hipsters box, partygoers confess their darkest secrets, artists atomize a desk, put authors through live-writing hell while we threw a dance party around them—now, we’re pleased to announce our next event. It’s called REVOLVER AT THE RITZ: 12 EXPERIMENTS. It’s going to be all the crazy fun / dark weirdness you’ve come to expect and love from our crew.

Come prepared. We’ve got poets wrestling. Science-y people talking about the science-y aspects of decidedly non-science-y things. Impromptu essays + the Nature of the Internet. Confetti guns. A play + a special surprise. A song we all feel is somehow ours. And more more more.

And look, if one of these experiments bombs, no worries. They’re only 10 minutes a pop.

So, who’s going to be doing these experiments? Thought you’d never ask. These folks are the best and the brightest and the bravest in the Twin Cities.



EXPERIMENT #1: The Disrupted Reading

EXPERIMENT #2: Etherized Upon A Table

EXPERIMENT #3: Andy-pedia

EXPERIMENT #4: We Asked Heid Erdrich To Do Something Amazing

EXPERIMENT #5: The Author Will See You Now

EXPERIMENT #6: Play Perception — A-Side

EXPERIMENT #7: Play Perception — B-Side

EXPERIMENT #8: The Pitch

EXPERIMENT #9: Ticker Tape

EXPERIMENT #10: Poet + Drummer

EXPERIMENT #11: Greco Times New Roman

EXPERIMENT #12: I’m Tired. You Write The Lyrics.



Matt Rasmussen
Heid Erdrich
Maggie Koerth-Baker
Chris Fischbach
R. Vincent Moniz Jr.
Nicky Tiso
Andy Sturdevant
Marty Kihn
Katie Dublinski
Lightsey Darst
Sarah Stonich
Dennis Cass
Maggie Ryan Sandford
Forest Lewis
Jerry Belich
Brian Beatty
Joe Waechter
Anitra Budd
Sarah Fox
Dylan Hicks
John Colburn
Jessica Huang
…and more!


Here’s the rub: we’ve only got 220 tickets for this event. At our Launch Party: 700+. Confess: 500+. Write FIGHT: hundreds and hundreds. And those events didn’t have a line-up like this one.

So get your tickets early at the Ritz Box Office.

Honestly, we think [email protected] is going to be our best event to date. We’ve got so many wild moments planned and so many amazing writers / artists / playwrights / programmers / etc. working with us—it’s going to be great.

See you there!






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