The dead need mirrors and so on
clear days lakes shine black.

The dead do not date since all
are taken and few are who they seem.

The dead do not use vibrators.
All of hell shakes.

On the outskirts, in the temples
desperate demons reek of holiness

The collection plate
is a piece of paper,

and communion
a drop of ink.

When the congregation lets out,
the steeples steam.

Down the road, over fences,
on Sunday rivers,

bruised children with wide faces
steer their leaky boats

to where the biting is good
and offer fish their hooks

like saviors.

Front page image by lrargerich.

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Michelle Bonczek

About the Author

Michelle Bonczek is the author of The Art of the Nipple (Orange Monkey Publishing, 2013) and an editor/mentor for The Poet's Billow ( Her poems have been published in over sixty journals and magazines, and have received numerous awards including the Jane Kenyon Award, The Sherwin W Howard Award, and the Consequence Prize. She holds a PhD from Western Michigan University, an MFA from Eastern Washington University, and currently teaches writing in Syracuse, NY.
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