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I'm Warning You
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I’m Warning You by

…he says it’s time the two of you sculpt your limbs into a new form of human art and you say no more poetry and he says but that’s who I am and you say can’t you do impressions and you decide the moment the words exit your mouth that if he does Elvis you will crown him with the terra cotta planter…

Goosy Gus and the Cash Mob
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Goosy Gus and the Cash Mob by

Gus had acquired the name “Goosy” because of his shell shock and battle fatigue from WWII and now he was no longer allowed in his daughter-in-law’s donut shop in downtown Cranston even though eating donuts was his favorite way to start the day.

The Artificial Dick
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The Artificial Dick by

I picked up the package and unwrapped it. I wondered if that really was Mary Alice’s daughter on the late night TV channel. What a job that would be to talk about around the Thanksgiving table. Yep, I’m selling dildos and pussy harnesses on the TV.