Tarana’s Luck

the boy in front, in front of you
the boy who is your brother, in front of you
your brother with the crushed skull,
whose blood is the chance remainder: luck
for you, the tortured logic of a luck
coming out negative.

but negative is more than nothing,
you can taste it in your blood,
in his blood you taste the something wink,
to make you angry when blocking your view.

and luck you’re alive
after a child explodes
for paradise and luck,

you can be stitched like new,
like new, not new like new,
mimicking new, as if you were

and luck you can laugh, that’s nice again
like the memory of tea on the first cold day,
you can hide your face in the cup
while snow and dust fall and a man
who isn’t your father, carries you away.

Front page image by Wolfgang Lonien.

# # #