Taught By Example

Watch your step. Let me get the light. Ok. Here they are. This is like what I’m talking about. Chicken. Don’t mind the pun.

I think they smell.

Oh, they’ve stunk a long time, all bluster and no blood. I mean, gentle blood. Like in your heart.

Did it hurt?

It doesn’t matter if it hurt, little guy. Some folks don’t even know they got any pain to hurt. They just go about, chickens without heads. So here’s what they leave behind.


Why? Good question. I think you gotta put your head on the line, your heart on the line. Not just to get to live, but to love life. You love life, son?

I guess so.

Then live it like you’re wearing that butcher blade for a collar. Look at them. They didn’t know how to wear the blade, so it wore them out. And you don’t have to be tough—just be who you are. You don’t have to feel little, even if you’re small. You don’t have to act like a princess, especially if you ain’t pretty and you’re acting like you own the world. You don’t. But you can get out there and be brave.

Or what happens?

What happens? Look son, look at the heads.

They weren’t brave?

No, they weren’t. And they asked too much of this world, without giving anything in return. So, smack! They got what they deserved. Now I’m not saying everyone deserves such a cruel fate, but you can’t go around waiting for the world. That’s called being a coward. These ladies—Ha! They were too afraid.

And that’s why they wound up on the chocking block?

Chopping block, that’s right, son.

What are you going to do with the beaks, Papa?

I’m making you a necklace, buddy.

Front page image by peretzp.

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