Ghost Writer

GHOST WRITER is a prompt-based project by Tracy Danger Mumford. It is an autobiography written in the dark. Revolver provides biographical info of an unnamed historical figure in the form of prompt sentences and Tracy spins entire universes out of the inch of thread we give her. There will be 30 installments, released every other Sunday night. All accompanying art is by Anita Carril.

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Shark Girl by

One must be lucky to mingle with the rich and powerful and avoid their snares. I was not so lucky.
I made my first entrance to their circle as just a Shark Girl. The agency fitted me with fins and a set of false teeth. I stood by the pool with an arrangement of Black Sea sashimi and smiled politely at the party guests, most of whom kept their distance with a wary glance.

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Chilly by

I’d become accustom to being the only naked person in the room. After all, they had yet to invent invisible clothes, and throwing on a sweater would have right ruined the whole effect. They would have called me the Walking Cardigan, instead of something more dignified—like Disappearo, which I’ve been angling for.