What Your Week Has In Store

The Futility of Desire Tapestry Blues by

A supple blue and dark tapestry depicting a global narrative of destruction and terror across vast landscapes of catastrophe all sown in silver thread with the utmost craft and elegance. Startled to think of it early one morning you’ll leap from your bed-chamber and down the long hallway crying “I must have it!”

Charles Ray’s Baled Truck by

The full scale shape of a crushed and baled pickup truck (but not the truck itself) carved and etched from a twenty-eight-thousand pound block of stainless steel so that it would appear that there might be air in there but really it’s metal all the way down.

Life On The Five-Year Plan by

Rachael, you remember how we watched Fidel Castro speak about the five-year plan on TV in the hotel room in Playa Ancón Cuba in 2002. How in five years Cuba’s problems would be fixed and all would be well and all manner of thing would be well?

Back Camera
Future Landscapes by

It is never very clear where it is that you are when you walk across these strange landscapes of the future, whether you are in the land of the dead, or in some speculative corner of the multiverse or that your life were actually to change in a way you would not anticipate.

What It’s Like To Be A Bat by

When the neck hairs rise on folks when you walk in the door of the boutique coffee house for a four-dollar coffee there on the corner of fashion and destruction, in which appearance supersedes and systematically kills off interiority, you shouldn’t be that surprised.