The WikiLeaks Poems

The following are “found” poems from diplomatic cables of the United States (made available by WikiLeaks). The words have not been rearranged or changed in any way from how they appear in the actual cables.


Cable from Berlin, 2/28/10


The trouble in the early evening—

Gone to the dogs,

trying to warm the palaver.

And he is right—the crisis goes deeper.

Must have misunderstood her.

Together they indulge in gestures of friendship.

A few cosmetic changes,

turned into prison sentences—

her Kafkaesque stories on New York City traffic.

He is doing a fairly good job in a very calm way.

She has not been able to conquer the first impression

that she is not the right woman for the job.

Will history repeat itself?

No one is talking.

Deeply divided, they have made a great sacrifice—

created an identity.

What will happen if nothing happens?

We are all anxious to see.



Cable from Baghdad, 2/28/10


Stabilizing concrete walls,

the willingness to fill gaps,

like the ability of a difficult hope.

Some affluence—a fault line.

University professors and doctors,

more than families,

house by house.

Concrete walls fill the roles,

forces fielded at the height of summer.

The first waves of the girls’ school.

This is our home.



Cable from Nassau,  2/28/10


We’re # 4,

we’re #1,

we’re #5,

we’re one of 12.

To the back of the line—

tried to jump the queue

in an apparent show of solidarity.

The concept of self-help

on every island.

American businessmen to take over.

It’s not a crime.

The ruling can be appealed.

Big as an aircraft carrier but with expansion plans.

Such homophobic incidents can occur everywhere.

Front page image by Damian Gadal.

# # #