The troubles

Be careful going home tonight: protect

your family in a culture that’s gone stark raving mad, craving for firepower, sawn-


off shotgun level at an intruder’s chest, handgun unless you feel it’s your last chance,

use an explosive amount of force & threats, if so you are asking for a home invasion robbery.


But welcome it when it comes, this miracle: reclaim your place

on a one-way bus, admire the raising sidearm as its owner misreads your Love,


the person growing, being replaced, by the disease. Her tumor eats first: face

on the bed smiling today but with ever less recognition so I despaired forgive me I prepared


to take her room. I changed the locks. Throw rocks

at that silence, deface a guidepost in a dark morass, scream & kick


under the avalanche to make a space to breathe, for today,

the knowing is deafening. Tired of it working out? This is the lamentation


wherewith they shall lament her, or something like it, make thee perpetual

desolations, or very nearly, sigh sigh, aftermath always present around us already


haven’t visited the grave lately. When the door’s just shut, will I

fantasy/nightmare of no more. Last night I dreamed I saved you from fire, will I


Vast cracks appear in arctic ice

This is not a safe place.

Front page image by Kevin Dooley.

# # #