All the words she wrote on the wall

1. The small regrets of a body.
2. “Woman” can be a cheap synonym for “Good Sex.”
3. About men who had curses put on them.
4. Fake sex organs are more interesting that real ones.
5. Like a synthetic lung, pale, corpse-colored rubber.
6. About men always questioning cowardice’s compelling claims.
7. Romance is a male construction, so they coerce the really good girls into fucking them.
8. How distance to men means being a whore.
9. How landscape ghosts & half-remembered stories fuel dreams.
10. About that night the rain did magic acts while closing both eyes.
11. How we are nothing but memories collaborating with a body.
12. Our hearts constantly on loop—a long, intimate pornography.
13. Here come the goodies you love: the comical defeat of building yourself up.
14. “Good” isn’t “Aching” enough.
15. Mornings lie to us by lying somewhere between archaeology & history.
16. & I wonder if the sciences are hard anymore?
17. How we always loved each other like surrounding buildings do.
18. Did I tell you from our pallid windows? “Hold yourself up?”
19. Us, naked with slips & weaknesses.
20. A memory is collaborating with someone.
21. & yet, so much incompletion in the spaces.
22. The body clothed always in language, never in silence.
23. What might some archaeologist of the future make of these strange offerings?



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Front page image: “Other Half Part 2,” by Jana Anderson



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Born and raised in Miami, FL, Michael J Pagán spent four years (1999-2003) in the United States Navy before (hastily) running back to college during the spring of 2004. He currently resides in Deerfield Beach, FL with his wife and daughter where he continues to work on his poetry, short fiction, and a collaborative short novel. He is a contributor to his alma mater's blog, The MFA at FAU, as well as his own, The Elevator Room Company. A graduate of Florida Atlantic University's Creative Writing M.F.A. program, his poetry, fiction, non-fiction and drama have appeared or is forthcoming in The Rumpus, DIAGRAM, Spork Press, Verse, The Nervous Breakdown, The Coachella Review, BlazeVOX, Spittoon Magazine, Menacing Hedge, Mad Hatters’ Review and Hobart among others.
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