imagine if someday the problem is that we were all living for too long

hold on, let me take off my bracelets

I explore different cities and I think I hear the youngest child making noises with her mouth

the time is now the time is now is now now

here comes the flood hang

on, hang on

I just need to get these bracelets off

or I won’t be able to swim

the house unfolds and the car reflects from inside each panel of the window

the structures’ ripples’ instincts mimic this

each pattern is aching

each pattern repeats on a fleece blanket and within a steaming bowl of oatmeal

and the inside of an artichoke

which is a heart

this goes on and on

if you wanted to drive west

to go on and on

to keep up with the sun,

how fast would you have to travel?

I walk, wordlessly,


hand in hand in hand in hand

with a friend who has

just woken up from surgery

Front page image by Joy.

# # #